International co-authorship

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Every scientist wants his hard work, in the form of an article, dissertation or research to be seen and appreciated by the whole scientific world. But, unfortunately, there is not always enough time, experience or resources for writing a coveted work from scratch. Co-authorship will help you approach one step closer to a scientific article's publication.

Co-authorship is the joint authorship of two or more persons of the same work which is the object of copyright. The joint activity lies in the fact that several writers are engaged in the creation of a scientific article.

To date, the publication in foreign, specialized journals which are included in the scientometric database (such as Scopus and Web of Science) increases the weight and importance of every scientist not only in their professional environment, but also in the world of science as a whole. Writing a research work that would be suitable in all respects for Scopus Scientometric Database is an extremely labour-intensive and long-term process with its pitfalls, subtleties and nuances. Also, an author can conduct research which requires the use of information about other region or country. To speed up the process, from writing a research work to its coveted publication, scientists from all over the world cooperate with one other by means of a special method that has been called international co-authorship.


The international co-authorship is convenient because it is not obligatory to be directly next to one's colleague, each co-author can work individually even without ever meeting with his colleague, eventually, having got an excellent scientific research. Here are a few basic points that every scientist should know before joining the co-authorship:


There are two types of co-authorship: divisible and indivisible.

The essence of divisible joint authorship is that a single scientific article consists of several parts that can exist separately from the others. Herewith, it is established whom each separate part of the work belongs to. Each of the scientists, in his turn, is responsible for his part of the work.


Indivisible joint authorship, by analogy, suggests two or more authors, but unlike divisible, this is a single, integral and inseparable publication the separate parts of which have no common semantic meaning.

Do not you know what to start with qnd where to find a co-author for your scientific article, a like-minded person with whom you can finish your research or whom you will be able to join for further joint publication?


Scientific helps in the search of co-authors for those who want to apply their efforts and knowledge in the research with another author and as well as for scientists who have their own research work. All you need is to address us for help and ask us to find a suitable co-author for you.

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